Korean soaps are a thing of beauty.

DISH// [2012 → 2014]


Independence Day, when we celebrate that fateful day way back in 1996 when Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum saved us from the alien invasion

get to know me meme: (5/12) favorite female biases: park kyungri

"The most difficult thing for me was preparing to be in a group. Even after three years in that management company, when it came to selecting people for debut, I was only chosen as a backup dancer; it was frustrating. There were also times when we had to learn an entire choreography routine just a day before the performance - it wouldn’t be too difficult for a pro dancer, but I wasn’t. I felt defeated. I cried an entire day, until my body was numb."


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 Free! Eternal Summer ending theme FUTURE FISH by STYLE FIVE

He wouldn’t say that.

happy birthday hanbyul! thank you for so much from your amazing voice to your dumb antics and fabulous dancing! 

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