my favorite moment in all cinematic history is when an enormous robot the size of a skyscraper picks up a battleship and smashes it into a giant sea alien’s face. god bless pacific rim

Upon learning that Led Apple were coming to Moscow, I was genuinely surprised since I know that the group is not very popular even in Korea, and especially in Russia, so I was very worried about the number of attendants in the hall.

Right away thoughts of taking off to Moscow appeared, though not only do I live in a different city, but in a different country as well. There were many organisational issues about the trip - leave from work, accomadations, transport, etc., but nevertheless I decided. As the admin of the group I really wanted to talk to the guys. When a chance to ask the boys questions and participate in a press-session before the concert in the name of appeared, this motivated me even more. And so, the day of the concert - August 23, 2014 - it was held in club Volta. The SVIP ticket holders entered first, who could get an autograph and hand shake with the members of the group, then VIP, they attended the sound check, and finally after were the press representatives.

Entering the room, we caught literally the last minutes of the boys signing posters for the SVIP guests, behind them stood gifts that the fans who came had brought. After some time, we were allowed backstage on the left side of the stage where it was very dark. The press were seated at small desks on chairs, and on the opposite side the members of Led Apple had been seated on a couch.

And here they came… However, to my great disappointment, there were only three from the five - leader Youngjun, bassist Kwangyeon and maknae Kyumin, unfortunately drummer Hyoseok and main vocalist Hanbyul were not feeling well. During the previous day, August 22, they performed in Vienna, Austria, and arrived in Moscow pretty late, literally on the day of the concert, so they didn’t manage to really sleep. It also turned out that the two girls who helped to translate weren’t professional translators, so the answers to most questions were one-worded. Aside from me, representatives of the magazines “ONNi magazine" and "K Plus magazine" were present, so we asked our questions in turns. From the three members, Youngjun and Kyumin were the most active.

Having seen and read, most likely, all the group’s interviews that exist at this time, as I’m their fan (the official fan-club name is LEDA), I did not want to ask questions that they’ve already gotten “bored” of.

Q: In Russia there is a social network called, in which there are many different groups, just like there are fan-cafes for different artists, and one of them is dedicated to LedApple, which is composed of 4000 members at the moment. Did you know about this? And, furthermore, in the group are people from Russia, and from other Russian-speaking countries, countries of the former Soviet Union, the Commonwealth of Independent States. Aside from Russia, do you know of any different countries from the former Soviet Union?

A: Youngjun asked the others, but they couldn’t answer. After some long thought he answered Ukraine and Uzbekistan.

Q: What is the last book you read or what book has had such an impact on them that they cannot forget it?

Youngjun: When I bought an instrument (most likely a guitar), I had read the instructions for it - this was the latest book that I had read.

Q: I know that going to army is still far away, in how many years do they plan to leave?

Youngjun: After two years. I’m already 25 (24 - international age), so somewhere in my 27-28 years.

Q: Will you do a second season of “Music Note” (a continuation of their cover-versions of popular songs), and if so, when?

Kyumin: Soon.

Q: When?

Kwangyeon: As soon as possible. Next year.

Kyumin: We’re thinking about it.

Q: Do any of the five wish to continue studies in the future?

Kyumin: I don’t like studying.

Youngjun: I went to music school and think that I don’t need to.

Message for Russian Fans:

Youngjun: This is our first time in Russia and I’m very happy. If we’re presented with such an opportunity once again, then we will gladly come.

After saying goodbye to us, they exited to prepare for the concert. I gave my gift to the staff.

The concert began right on schedule, and almost immediately the group brightened the room, singing three songs in a row without stopping. After which Hanbyul, taking a sip of water, asked the audience in English: “Are you having fun, Moscow?”, and Kyumin added: “Is everyone good?” Receiving screams and shouts in reply, he wiped the sweat from his face and stated: “I thought that it would be cold in Moscow, but it’s too hot, and the girls are also hot”. After this, both vocalists left the stage to give the other three members a chance to show off, playing on musical instruments.

I was very pleased with the fact that Hanbyul was a native from Australia, and English is in fact his native language, therefore it was natural that, for the most part, he communicated with fans the most.

The age of the viewers who came to see the show ranged from teenagers to their mothers, meanwhile even a few guys showed up in the crowd, one of which bantered Hanbyul and spoke during the conversations between songs.

During the concert the group performed their most popular songs, like Let the Wind Blow, Run to You, Time is Up, Younghee, Sadness, Someone Met by Chance, Bad Boys, Who Are You, as well as a few covers, like Just the Way You Are by Bruno Mars and To Be With You by Mr.Big.

It’s a pity that not many people came to their concert, though on the other hand it was a big plus for the people who came - thanks to the small number there was no crowding, many were able to see the boys at a close distance and fully experience the energy, which might be obtained in such a small club, when here it seems like they’re almost at arm’s length, they smile just for you, speak with only you, sing just for you, and this particular feeling is what’s so precious in this moment, and a warm lump remains inside. Much might be forgotten as time passes, however, that feeling of fullness of life, uplifting energy and warmth remain.

As for me personally, I must say this isn’t my first Led Apple concert. At the beginning of the year it was announced that they would be holding a European tour, held during February-March 2014 (but Moscow wasn’t listed), I didn’t hesitate and went to Germany. I won’t talk about that concert in Cologne, but I was very happy that I went. So for me, what was most interesting was what my impression would be of the second show - whether it won’t be as impressive, and maybe once was enough. So, approaching the main exit during the concert and seeing my favorite member of the group, I felt the same internal warmth and happiness again, because I saw and heard them again, and to me there was obviously not enough time allowed for the concert.

An apogee of emotion came after the boys came out for an encore at the end. They performed two entirely new songs from their upcoming Japanese mini-album, which will be released in October/November this year after the completion of their European tour. It was impossible not to dance and sing along to Because of You- youuuuuuyouuuu or Kiss Me Darling- K-I-SS- Kiss me darling (on the way to the metro I was still singing the words).

Both vocalists - Hanbyul and Kyumin - poured water and cola over the hall, but at the end Kyumin threw his shirt to the hall. Fans suddenly fought for the shirt, the end of which I haven’t seen, but I suspect that a few people have become the owners.

Of course, it’s a pity that the boys arrived late to Moscow on August 23 and had to leave early in the morning to Helsinki for the following concert on August 24, so they didn’t see anything. But, as I think, Hanbyul’s photo serves as proof of the overall exuberance and enthusiasm of those who went to the concert, which he uploaded to his instagram with the caption: “Absolutely MINDBLOWING Moscow crowd today!!! Amazing.. speechless.. #hotelroom #selfmassage #4hourssleep”

And leader Youngjun left a message entirely in Russian on his twitter: “Thank you.^^ See you next time ~ !!”

I also really want to see them again! Yes, it turns out that two times is still not enough.

P.S. Yeah, by the way, a cake with their picture was given to the boys on behalf of the fan-groups of, hopefully it’ll hit the spot. In addition, many held fan-boards with the words Russian L.E.D.A during the concert.


Daniel, you changed your mind so fast U_U

Free! Eternal Summer  |  Shigino Kisumi


Everything Beyonce does is careful and thought out. Her entire image is perfection crafted from planning ahead. She does not ‘wing it’ or throw things into her performances and public appearances ‘just because’.

What she did at this award show was amazing, especially because of how intentional and thought out it clearly was.

Feminism is a scary word for a lot of people. Many women are afraid of calling themselves feminist because they think it implies anger, hatred of men, or a rejection of traditional femininity. 

Beyonce presented everyone watching with two distinct images of what many viewers viewed as two very different women. There is the strong, independent FEMINIST. She is the woman who likes being in control and being in the spotlight. Then there is the WIFE and MOTHER. She is soft, sweet, smiling at the husband and child you can tell she loves and values so much.

For every girl watching who was afraid to be a feminist, afraid to be powerful, because of what she thought she would lose, this is an incredible message. You can be all the things you want to be. You can be both. Feminists can have amazing happy, full lives full of both traditional and modern womanhood. 

Feminism means gender should not be a source of persecution or a restriction of your choices. Feminism mean the type of person you should be is based on what you value, not what outside forces pressure you to value because of your gender or biological sex. Shout at the top of your lungs that you are a feminist and proud. Then go and be the exact person that you want to be. 



I think Hiccup and Astrid are the best animated couple ever.

I love how their relationship isn’t a major plot point for the films. Astrid isn’t there as a reward for the hero, she is also his best friend (next to Toothless of course). She didn’t stop being a warrior after she became a love interest (and Hiccup wouldn’t want her to, he loves her for it).

They talk about their problems. They fight their enemies together. And they trust each other.

Something that I’m just noticing from these gifs. They actually lean their cheeks into the kisses, opposed to just letting the other do all the work.  That’s something actual couples do when they know each other well enough to know it’s coming.  I love this.

Freaking out because DISH// is going to perform in Colorado at a mall and for free if I’m reading this right?! bgarnetgirl and I are thinking of going all the way from Virginia this is so huge to us……. If any other //ers are going can you message us??

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